Mermaid Tassels Earring


Mermaid Tassels Earring Design Inspiration:

There are sharks in the east, the water lives like fish, beautiful and good at singing,
Mermaid who can’t wait for love, tears and beads
Mermaid Orbs with Beautiful Fins

Allegorical beauty looking forward to beautiful love
Re-engraving the outline shape of Mermaid with soft lines
Violet-blue shell beads, beads of tears and tears of the Mermaid, symbolizing the love that is expected
Teardrop-shaped white zirconium + chain embellishment to increase the overall sense of refinement
The whole body adopts S925 silver plating platinum

Mermaid Tassels Earring Specifications

  • 925 silver, shell beads, cuboid zirconia
  • Process: Electroplating, manual inlay
  • Length:7.1cm/7.4cm
  • Weight: 4.18g
  • Style: Beautiful

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