Silver Flamingo Earrings


Silver Flamingo Earrings Design Inspiration:

Time is our traction line
Look back thousands of times
Meet in this life
Love is sprouting in love
The rest of the life
We are each other’s hope
Swing your wings to illuminate every night that has you
With this luck, We go hand in hand into the eternity.
The blue-colored Opal decoration is the light emitted by the blue heron fire
Circle around the feathers, symbolizing the happy ending after meeting
Personalized asymmetric design, write your own life

Silver Flamingo Earrings Specifications

  • 925 silver needle, artificial opal, zircon
  • Process: electroplating, manual inlay
  • Weight: 2.5g Size: 4cm/4.2cm
  • Style: Fairytale

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