Aurora Moonstone Necklace

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Aurora Moonstone Necklace Design Inspiration:

“The Aurora Borealis or northern light
With its scintillations so strangely bright,
Shifting and dancing along the sky–
A picture of beauty to please the eye

Aurora Borealis, appearing in the sky above the earth as a colorful and luminous phenomenon, served as an inspiration to the designer of this amazing piece of jewelry. The Aurora Borealis appears in a ring around the Arctic, known as the ‘Auroral Oval’, which is the same shape of the pendant on our Aurora necklace.
Halo crystal (film coating process): turning the crystal angle in the sun will show different halos, representing the colorful aurora in the forest.
Tree-shaped catch: The trees that surround this colorful aurora represent the pine forest that quietly sets off this light.

Aurora Moonstone Necklace Specification:

  • Material: S925 silver/ Halo crystal
  • Bead diameter: about 0.47″ (12mm)
  • Process: handmade
  • Length: about 15.74″ (40cm); Extension chain: 1.96″ (5cm)
  • Available in two stones colors

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