Couples Butterfly Ring



Couples Butterfly Ring Inspiration:

Inspiration comes from  a story in the ancient East, They met and fell in love with ordinary people, and lived a short life. so a hundred years of such a quiet song. For a long time, the Banshee finally turned into a butterfly of acacia, guarding the green smoke on the grave. But the song of miss is widely circulated in the world. The male ring adopts a ray of green smoke, which is the incarnation of the male child. The female ring is the butterfly of the acacia transformed by the female demon. It means that those who love each other can break through the obstacles and stay together forever.

Couples Butterfly Ring Specifications:

  • Material: Silver
  • Process: cold enamel
  • Weight: men ring 3.2g/women ring 1.6g
  • Size: free size
  • Style: Fairy, poignant

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