Milky Way Galaxy Ring 925 Refined Moonstone Silver


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Galaxy Ring Design Inspiration

“May you find your place amongst the stars.”

The Milky Way Galaxy Ring showcases a unique shell and crystal centerpiece with magical black streaks on a double black band. A harmonizing Star Trails band repeats the cosmic story with star-studded trails.

Galaxy Ring Creation Process:

The main stone in the galaxy ring is natural Abalone Shellfish, it have magical stripe which as the Planet, and all have different stripe, each angel have different light.

The galaxy ring usually use the 925 sterling silver, Surface layer use the Black plating process, and the design of the bead is the way of the stars, simple and fashion.

Material Specifics:

  • Material: 925 sterling silver/ black-plated/natural abalone shellfish on the galaxy ring top.
  • Process: handmade
  • The diameter of the beads: 0.24 inch (0.6 cm)
  • Weight: 0.06 ounces (1.7 g), bigger one: 0.05 ounces (1.4 g)
  • Size: Re-sizable from (US 5-11) and (US 5-12)
  • Engraved stamp inside the galaxy ring certifies silver purity which is 92.5%

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