Lavender Dangle Flower Earrings

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Gemstone Dangle Flower Earrings Design Inspiration:

The spring flowers are blooming, the mountains are covered with green clothes, and spring has arrived quietly. Walking next to the spring trees covered with flowers, the breeze is moving, and the English is colorful. It seems that spring has created surprises and romance for us.

The design stems from the cherry blossom petals scattered all over the ground, and the colorful world is built one by one. With the hope of spring, different rays of light bloom in the wind, and we look forward to a better future, expecting colorful and warm sun.

Gemstone Dangle Flower Earrings Specifications:

  • Material: 925 silver, cubic zirconia, artificial crystal
  • Process: electroplating mosaic handmade
  • Weight: 2.9g
  • Size: 4.3cm
  • Style: beautiful fashion jewelry

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