King and Queen Rings Set Knight and Princess



King and Queen Rings Set Design Inspiration:

“The story of the Princess and the Knight-
His unwavering passion is like armor that cannot be broken
She was decisive and kind, and saw through his silence
The pair of embraces- the knight with his protection and
the Princess with her radiant beauty, a sight ye to behold.”

The branched crown with the moonstone on the princess ring signifies the breaking of the royal tradition
and wandering off the free- spirited path for whom she loves.

The knight’s helmet pays tribute to his loyalty, and exemplifies the chivalrous nature of knighthood.

King and Queen Rings Set Specification:

  • Weight: 0.84 oz (S); 0.05 oz (L) (2.4g; 1.5g)
  • Process: Handmade
  • Size: Resizable from 5 to 9 (S size); 6 to 10 (L size)
  • Material: Sterling Silver, Natural Moonstone
King and Queen Rings Set
King and Queen Rings Set

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