Blue Crystal Mermaid Glass Bracelet


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Blue Crystal Mermaid Glass Bracelet Designer Inspiration:

Let me be your mermaid princess, once loved, and as if a bubble, quietly flutter, please don’t forget me, I love you- said the mermaid princess

The blue crystal of the mermaid bubble represents pure sadness. It reproduces the memory of the mermaid princess who loved him. The mermaid has only 7 seconds of memory. The bubble of different sizes is the emotion of different love in every 7 seconds. 

Blue Crystal Mermaid Glass Bracelet Specifications:

  • Material: s925 silver artificial blue crystal
  • Length: about 17cm, tension cord: about 3.5cm
  • Process: handmade
  • Weight: about 4.5g
  • Bead diameter: about 0.8cm, 0.6cm

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