Midsummer Night Planet Bracelet

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Midsummer Night Planet Bracelet Design Inspiration

Looking up at the night sky,
A blue planet shines abright,
The stars glisten as if playing a tune,
Fireflies glow on and off following the symphony,
I awake from what was only a Midnight’s Summer Dream.

The night sky is accompanied by stars,the misty forest was illuminated by fireflies.
On the Midsummer Night, you will fall into the dreamland of the Blue Planet, begin a journey of unknown adventures, unlock the mysteries of freedom and tenderness, and find the light of your dreams for the future.

Midsummer Night Planet Bracelet Specifications

  • Material: S925 Silver Zircon, Artificial Pearl
  • Process: Electroplating, Manual inlay
  • Weight: 2.54g
  • Size: 14.5cm
  • Extension of the chain:5cm

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