Aqua Starry Night Couple Promise Ring


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SizeCircumference(mm)UK,Europe & AustraliaCN/SG/JPHKSwitzerland
549.3J 1/2999
651.8L 1/2121111.5

Aqua Starry Night Couple Promise Ring Designer’s Inspiration:

Although we are separated by thousands of miles of vast space,
when the night falls, and the stars are alight,
the sparks are passion are abright, this love will not change,
with this promise ring, we will never forget
once again we are reunited, over the castaway shores and starry night.

Aqua Starry Night Couple Promise Ring Specification:

  • Materials used: 925 Sterling Silver & handmade blue crystal
  • Weight: about1.8g, 2.6g
  • Size:about0.4cm,0.3cm
  • Style: Romantic Literature and Art
  • Handmade Oil Painted Plate

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