Silver Star Magician Earrings

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Silver Star Magician Earrings  Design Inspiration

The Silver Star Magician Earrings comprises of a shape on one side and the three-dimensional halo on the other side are interlaced, representing magical special effects.

The crystal ball is crystal clear, shining with a variety of luster colors, and can be shaken design, as magical as magic

Carefully selected spar inlaid by hand The spar has been screened layer by layer, hand-inlaid, and its luster is transparent

Silver Star Nebula Earrings Specifications

  • Product Name: Silver Star Nebula Earrings
  • Material: copper plated with real gold, S925 silver needle, synthetic cubic zirconia, crystal
  • Process: electroplating, manual inlay
  • Size: 1.2*3.8cm size can be indicated by the icon.

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