Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace

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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace Designer Inspiration:

From the old fairy tale of the sleeping beauty, the love of the adventure and the life of the recovery come together in a romantic way. 
There will be no other possibility, perhaps, before the prince arrives, the sleeping beauty is fighting the spell. She used the besieged vines as a barrier, protecting herself and growing up until she woke up from sleep on her own. 

The vines and thorns protecting the sleeping beauty are black indicting dark  magic at work

The clear blue artificial crystal on the single ring means the sleeping beauty who sleeps quietly; but under this light blue, there seems to be a tension, and the sleeping beauty will break through the sleeping spell and wake up on one day .

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Necklace Specifications:

  • Material: s925 sterling silver/ Handmade crystal
  • Process: Black-plated, Manual mosaic
  • Size:about 40.5 cm
  • Extended:5cm
  • Weight: about 1.9g
  • Style: simple and romantic

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