Starry Magician Necklace

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Starry Magician Necklace Design Inspiration:

Light Magician, Attach to divine power to perform magic
They believe in light Possessing superior abilities
Starlight and halo special effect elements, A Symbol of hope
Star shape, 3D halo surrounds, representing magical special effects shine
The crystal ball is crystal clear, shining with a variety of luster colors, and can be shaken design, as magical as magic
Personalized open ring Break through the traditional design, highlight the uniqueness of light magic
Carefully selected spar inlaid by hand The spar has been screened layer by layer and hand-inlaid, shining brightly

Starry Magician Necklace Specifications

  • Material: copper plated with real gold, synthetic cubic zirconia, crystal
  • Process: electroplating, manual inlay
  • Chain length: 40cm+5cm

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