Willow Droplet Dangle Earrings

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Willow Droplet Dangle Earrings Design Inspiration:

West Lake Town on a rainy night
The rain fell on the weeping willow
Sliding into the water with shy ripples
Ripple earrings in the water town, this a somber night.
Blue Artificial Crystal raindrops raindrops falling on the lake surface and rippling, the blue crystals are like raindrops, the surrounding circles are like ripples.
The slender chains and curves are like willow branches, of moderate length, retouching the face
Textured white zirconium Embellished with two white zircons to enhance the texture

Willow Droplet Dangle Earrings Specifications

  • Material: S925 silver, spar, cuboid zircon
  • Process: electroplating, inlay
  • Weight: 3.1g Size: 8cm/8cm

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